Peter Coia - Songwriter, Composer and Musician. 

Born - Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland on October 4th 1952. 
Peter first showed an interest in playing the guitar aged 11. A self taught musician, he used an old acoustic guitar that had always been hanging on the wall in his mothers home and learned from two books he purchased, one called ‘First Steps In How To Play Guitar’ and another with 500 chord shapes. 
After leaving school in 1967, he worked as an apprentice engineer during the day and played guitar in local bars and clubs in the evenings. From his teens to his early twenties he performed in a variety of bands playing styles ranging from Country Western & Folk to Pop. He also learned to play bass guitar, keyboard, classical guitar and began writing recording his own material. 

During this time Peter still pursued his engineering career and in 1980, he formed his own engineering company [Righead Engineering], manufacturing parts for the then booming steel industry in the area. This commitment to his engineering business made it difficult for him to continue with live performances, but he continued to write and record material. In the early 90s, the local steel industry went into decline, forcing him to wind up the engineering business in 1992. 

Peter returned to the music industry and concentrated on improving and expanding his range of instruments and is now an accomplished musician and composer, who writes and produces a mixed variety of material under his own label 'Peter Coia Music'. Although his singing capabilities leaves a lot to be desired (and he is the first person to admit this), the quality of his compositions and his versatility as a musician are exceptional. Most of his recordings are made in the studio where he plays many of the instruments himself. Very few composers can be heard singing or playing their own compositions the way they were originally meant to sound and most songs are changed to suit the singer and the musicians who eventually record the material. 

Peter Coia now lives in Grangemouth, Scotland and is still producing music for ‘Peter Coia Music’. 

There were three albums and two singles released by Peter Coia in 2008 for digital download. 
Influences? (by Peter Coia)
I'd like to give a special thanks to Jim Divers, Sean O'Rourke and Des Coffield, founder members of the brilliant 'JSD Band'. Their pioneering style of a lively, electric-rock approach, to traditional Scottish folk music in the early 70s, changed the shape of folk music and led the way for bands like Fairport Convention, Lindisfarne, Steelye Span and the modern folk rock bands we have today.
Footnote (by Peter Coia)
As you can hear I'm not a great singer, I'm a composer. I record my music to let people hear the songs and music I have written and for a wee bit of fun, but I still write for other people and let them do the serious recording. 

All the music I post here are my own compositions. The majority of them are demos I have made where I play most of the instruments myself, recording them onto separate tracks, then put it all together using a mixing suite. 

I have copyright to all the words and music and use my recordings as demos hoping some of you professionals out there will record them and make me loads of money!!!! 

This is only a small sample of my music and I have recorded lots of songs and instrumentals with many different styles, so I will just keep changing the ones I post here. Keep listening and you might find a song you like!
Don't Forget
You can put my music on your mobile phone so you can scare people, this will also deter people from stealing your phone!
I recommend that you listen to my singing while drunk and with earplugs fitted or download all my songs onto a CD and give the CD to your mother-in-law! Wink

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