The Mirror by Peter Coia

The Mirror


There’s an old man always sitting in the corner

He sits there in the same place every night

He’s never with a wife a son or daughter

He just sits there quietly out of sight


When I look at him he never seems to notice

Never looking at the things going on around

No feelings or he never tries to show it

His head is always tilted looking down


I’ve never seen him entering or leaving

He just appears then suddenly he’s gone

But even when his chair is sitting empty

The aura of his presence lingers on


He’s there in every barroom that I’ve been in

It may be that he follows me around

It seems like that because I always see him

In the mirror but he’s gone when I turn round


And then one day I noticed he was missing

So I asked if they had seen him around

But they just pointed to his empty chair

And told me I had better sit back down


I’m the old man sitting in the corner

And you can see me sit there every night

My reflections always in the mirror

But I look away and keep it out of sight




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