A Load Of Tish by Peter Coia



While strolling down the street one day

With lots of people going my way

I felt a pain inside my tum

And a horrible feeling in my bum


The toilet!....now!……I had to go

To find one… where?..I did not know

My bowels felt loose and very weak

Then excrement began to leak


The pain was worse and with all my might

I squeezed my cheeks together tight

But my efforts were to no avail

The excrement it did set sail


There was no more pain inside my tummy

But now I began to walk real funny

So I moved on at a faster pace

And tried to find an open space


But the smell behind me was real strong

And people said, ‘hey what’s that pong?’

They all began to point and stare

I wished now that I was not there


I closed my eyes and hid my face

To shield myself from this disgrace

Then suddenly!   I felt so clean

I’d just woke up! It was all a dream!




©copyright Peter Coia

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