The Crowd By Peter Coia



I saw these faces in the crowd

One or two that thought out loud

Others hidden from my view

How they looked I never knew


Faces nice and faces scary

Faces that can make you wary

Faces underneath a hat

Faces talking this and that


A tiny face inside a pram

Guided through this traffic jam

A poster face with a shiny glow

And advertisement down below


Faces in a hurry “please make way!”

Wishing they’d came on a quieter day

A face that’s making a big decision

Judging with intense precision


Lovers’ faces side by side

I think quite soon she’ll be his bride

Children’s faces screaming out

Mothers giving them a clout


A face that’s taken hours to make

Too much Mascara for goodness sake!

Faces looking really sad

Something’s happened something bad


Suspicious faces looking round

That make you look towards the ground

A smiling face beyond belief

With problems hidden underneath


Faces that you’d like to know

But they just pass you by and go

And my own face was there as well

What kind of story did mine tell?


©copyright Peter Coia

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