The Seed by Peter Coia


(Floral Discrimination)


A seed was planted in the ground

With fertile soil all around

In the darkness of the earth below

The lonely seed began to grow


Its hungry roots like grabbing hands

Reaping the goodness from the land

And on the surface a small green sprout

Its tiny head looking out


Exposed to wind and rain and sun

The seedlings life had just begun

In a wonderful world that he’d just found

With beautiful things all around


The pretty flowers he saw everywhere

Looked down at him and began to stare

Embarrassed by his coat of green

He wished that he had not been seen


But bravely he began to grow

Sprouting leaves from head to toe

And his tiny head which was a bud

Suddenly it opened up


Displaying to their hostile stare

His petals floating in the air

Held up high and looking round

Proudly he did stand his ground


Then a voice called out ‘remember that seed?’

‘Well it’s just another nasty weed’

His heart it fell just like a stone

The seed now wished he’d never been grown


©copyright  Peter Coia

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