Nearly Christmas Day

Nearly Christmas Day


C                                             Dm

A cold and frosty evening ~ it’s nearly Christmas Day

G                                                          F                          C

Santa’s brought his sleigh out ~ he’ll soon be on his way

C                                       Dm

Presents being sorted ~ reindeers warming up

G                                   F                                  C

Santa giving orders ~ come on Elves hurry-up



                        C                           F

(Because it’s) nearly Christmas Day

           C                       F

(He’ll) soon be on his way

Dm                                               G

Climbing down the chimneys ~ try not to get stuck

Dm                            G

Being oh so quiet ~ children don’t wake up

                          C                           F

*(Because it’s) nearly Christmas Day

           C                       F

(He’ll) soon be on his way      (last chorus from coda* and repeat )


Verse 2

Children going to bed now ~ the time is drawing near

Better go to sleep now ~ for he will soon be here

Blowing out the candle ~ turning out the light

Parents smiling faces ~ kiss you all goodnight


Verse 3

Everything is ready ~ reindeers and the sleigh

Flying through the night sky ~ Santa’s on his way

Children are all sleeping ~ tucked up in their beds

Happy dreams of Christmas ~ stirring in their heads



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